July 15, 2024

Customers are now spoiled for choice because they have the luxury of choosing from many wonderful places to eat. When looking for a memorable experience, people only choose to eat outside. They would order in otherwise. This current situation is both a challenge and an opportunity. You must make your restaurant a memorable experience for customers to grow your brand. Your first-line staff is what customers see. Therefore, hiring the right restaurant staff is important. The definition of the right staff will vary depending on the brand. There are certain qualities that every member of your staff must possess, particularly the customer-facing staff.

Once you have established this, it is important to consider the issue of staff attrition. The employee turnover rate has increased to 74.9% in the last two years. This is a major obstacle to your success. Anyone who has worked in restaurants knows that it takes time and resources to train staff. If your staff isn’t loyal to your brand, the zeal you have to train them will eventually fade. Today’s restaurants don’t give much thought to training staff.

We will address all these concerns in this blog post. Here are some insights and tips from restaurant industry professionals to help you select the right staff for your restaurant.

Qualities to Look For When Hiring Customer-Facing Employees At Your Fine-Dine restaurant

These are the traits to look for when hiring customer-facing employees.

Empathy – Restaurateurs often overlook an Underrated TraitThis trait. We have made it a top priority. Empathy can be taught, but it is better if it comes naturally. 

Customers trust you when they visit your restaurant. 

If your customer-facing staff makes a mistake, it is easy for them to lose their trust. Customers will have a great experience if they feel valued by you.

It would be best if you showed them how to make customers happy while guiding them through the hiring process. You must be polite and acknowledge your customers’ feelings. Your staff should be able to manage the situation independently, even if they are frustrated or asking for unreasonable things.

You can present yourself.

Your customer-facing staff members are your primary representative. Finding people who can manage their bodies and mind is important.

Flexible and adaptable

The restaurant industry is one of the most volatile industries in the world. It is possible that what works today may not be in fashion tomorrow. This industry is dynamic due to constantly changing customer preferences and increased competition. It would be best if you had people who can adapt to changing situations and are flexible. Rigid and inflexible employees worsen customer experiences.

They are quick on their feet.

It would be best if you also looked for customer-facing staff that can think quickly and easily. Unexpected guests are one of the most difficult aspects of working in the restaurant business. It’s a smart idea to give candidates a variety of scenarios to test their responses when interviewing them.


Loyalty cannot be taught or trained. Restaurants have the highest rate of employee turnover in the service industry. Employee loyalty helps you save money on training and hiring and allows you to grow your company. Loyal employees are essential for customer retention, especially in fine dining restaurants.


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